Approved Centre Quality Assurance Systems

Stylised quality assurance stamp. Learn all about the ASA Awarding Body quality assurance systems for Approved Centres.

The ASA Awarding Body has a number of approved centre quality assurance systems designed to ensure that approved centres have the resources to effectively deliver and assess learners.

These systems include:

Centre Review 
A visit to assess the suitability of your centre to deliver and assess ASA qualifications and provide you with support for areas requiring further development.

Standardisation Test  
The standardisation test has been developed to drive up quality and reduce workloads for all. In a nutshell, all assessors and internal verifiers will sit a standardisation test. If the test is passed, there will be no further planned external verification for that individual for a two year period. All assessors and internal verifiers must sit the standardisation test.

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External Verification
This process focuses on three main aspects:

  • The effectiveness and accuracy of assessment activities, ensuring these are fit for purpose
  • The accuracy and consistency of assessment decisions made by Assessors
  • The systems that are in place to ensure both assessment activities and assessment decisions are accurate and effective. This system is known as internal verification and is controlled by the Approved Centre.

There are two types of external verification:

  • Planned external verification
  • Confirmatory external verification.

Every centre, Assessor and Internal Verifier should expect to be externally verified at least once a year. This is known as planned external verification.

Confirmatory external verification is random and can be as a result of feedback, previous performance, results of the ASAAB standardisation test or any other reason as deemed appropriate by the ASAAB.

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