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An ASA Approved Centre is a training provider or educational establishment that provides delivery and assessment of ASA qualifications.

All centres are recognised, approved and regulated by the ASA Awarding Body and all organisations wishing to offer ASA qualifications must apply to become an ASA Approved Centre.

This status is only granted to organisations that have the capacity and capability to comply with our regulations, therefore rights to offer ASA qualifications cannot be achieved without applying for this process.

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How to become an Approved Centre

  1. Complete the ASA Approved Centre and Qualification Application Form here, and send it to along with copies of the required policies and procedures.
  2. We will carry out a desktop review, comprising of two stages: a review of policies and procedures and also a review of resources and management systems. If the required standards are met we will grant interim approval allowing you to deliver our qualifications.
  3. We will send you a welcome pack including an approved centre handbook, qualification guides, an up to date training schedule, a service level agreement and login details to our resource database.
  4. A centre approval visit will be arranged within three months. The visit will assess the suitability of your centre to deliver and assess ASA qualifications and provide you with support for areas requiring further development. The findings of the review will be provided in a written report, along with a final outcome as to whether full ASA Approved Centre status can be granted.
  5. Your status will remain valid, subject to ASAAB satisfaction that standards are being maintained, through annual centre visits and external verification sampling.

Benefits of becoming an Approved Centre

Acquiring the status ASA Approved Centre provides many benefits, inclusive of:

  • A certificate of recognition and access to an official logo for use in promotional materials
  • A welcome pack containing information to help with the delivery and assessment of ASA qualifications
  • Access to a national portfolio of recognised and approved qualifications
  • Bi-monthly newsletters containing information on new products or services, changes to services and more
  • Free training for the Key Contact
  • Access to a range of guidance documents and resources
  • Free course marketing on
  • Annual centre visits to support further development
  • Quality assured qualifications to provide your learners with the best possible experience.

By applying to become an ASA Approved Centre, you will be taking an important step towards enhancing your qualification offering to prospective learners and raising your profile as a forward thinking organisation.

Quality Assurance for Approved Centres

As an Awarding Organisation we have a responsibility to ensure that our accredited qualifications are delivered to learners at a high standard.

Quality assurance activities, in the form of External Verification, Centre Reviews and Standardisation Tests, help to ensure that approved centres act in accordance with our Principles.


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