Awarding Body Approved Centre FAQs

Awarding Body Approved Centre FAQs image. If you are an Approved Centre you can find the answer to your questions on this page.

This Approved Centre FAQs page is the first stop for all ASA Awarding Body Approved Centres who have questions. If you can’t find the answer below please contact us.

How do we register a course?
You need to submit a completed Qualification Registration Form and email it to Once the course has been registered you will receive a confirmation email and course number.

When should I register a course?
You should register your course at least 28 days prior to the course start date. Registrations received within 28 days will be charged the fast track fee of £60. Registrations cannot be accepted within 14 days of the start date.

How do I find a tutor to deliver my course(s)?
For details on finding your nearest tutor please contact

What paperwork do we need to submit before, during and after the course?

  • Before = Course registration form
  • During = Learner registration forms for each learner
  • Within 10 days of the end of the course = Summary of learner achievement form.

What qualifications can we deliver?
You can deliver any of our qualifications as long as you have the facility, the requirements for which can be found in the Facility Requirements file here.

You will also need to submit the ASA Awarding Body Additional Qualifications Details, which can be found on this page here. Then email the completed document to

We have a new delivery site, do we need to notify you?
Yes, you will need to complete the Additional Delivery Site Details form, which can be found on this page here. Then email the completed document to

We want to change our key contact, what do we need to do?
You will need to submit a completed Change in Key Contact Notification form, which can be found on this page here. Then email the completed document to 

How do we become an ASA approved centre?
Please find all information, including the approved centre application, on our Approved Centre page here.

How long does the approved centre application take?
It takes 15 working days providing all information is submitted and no amendments need to be made.

How should we ensure the learner meets the requirements to book onto a qualification?
The approved centre is responsible for ensuring the learner holds the qualification pre-requisites prior to booking onto a course.

The method of checking this is the decision of the centre, however, to ensure there are no delays in results being sent out we recommend asking to see evidence of the qualification before the course begins.

A learner has misplaced the certificate. How can we check they hold a qualification?
The learner will need to request a replacement certificate, please visit the replacement certificates page here.


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