ASA Continuing Professional Development seminars

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The ASA’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training directory is a full listing of all available CPD seminars. You can find this below.

Please note that ASA Awarding Body is not a training provider. We do not run courses. The directory below holds course specifications only.

Booking a CPD

CPDs are listed as ASA, External Provider, or IoS delivered. There are three steps to booking a course.

  1. Find the CPD that interests you by downloading the specification PDF from the directory below
  2. If you are a tutor or coach wishing to attend a CPD seminar contact an Approved Centre here to find the nearest course and book yourself on.
  3. If you want to run a seminar, choose a seminar you wish to deliver and then contact your local Aquatic Officer.

ASA CPD Seminars

Click or tap to open a list of all ASA Seminars.

QA0020 Child Protection – download details
QA0080 Aquatics in the National Curriculum – download details

External Provider CPD Seminars

Click or tap to open all external provider seminars, approved and accredited by ASA Awarding Body.

QA0038 Adult & Child – download details
QA0050 Swim-a-Song – download details
QA0052 Developing Butterfly – download details
QA0055 Integrating Autistic Children – download details
QA0071 Personal Survival – download details
QA0079 Open Water Preparation – download details

Institute of Swimming (IoS) CPD Seminars

Click or tap to open all IoS seminars, approved and accredited by ASA Awarding Body.

QA0005 Teaching Turns – download
QA0009 Learn to Swim Flip n Fun – download
QA0011 Effective Sculling & Developing Strokes – download
QA0012 Introducing Swim Strength & Conditioning – download
QA0013 Complex Land Training for Swimming – download
QA0014 Swiss Balls and Bands – download
QA0015 Floor & Medicine Ball Strength – download
QA0016 Sprint Swimmers & Periodisation – download
QA0017 Time & Equipment Limited Training – download
QA0018 Injury & Prevention – download
QA0019 Starts & Turns – download
QA0022 Learn to Swim AquaFUN (Synchro) – download
QA0023 Voice Protection & Projection – download
QA0024 Learn to Swim Mini Polo (Water Polo) – download
QA0027 Children with Educational Difficulties – download
QA0032 Learn to Swim FUNdamentals – download
QA0033 Aqua Kids – download
QA0036 Learn to Swim Competitive Swimming – download
QA0042 Planning Periodisation & Monitoring – download
QA0044 Effective Communication & Feedback – download
QA0045 Injury Prevention & Management – download
QA0046 Cross Training – download
QA0061 Improving Breaststroke – download
QA0062 Improving Back Crawl – download
QA0063 Improving Butterfly – download
QA0064 Improving Front Crawl – download
QA0067 Games Led Approach to Learn to Swim – download
QA0068 Performance Nutrition in Aquatics Coaching – download
QA0069 Movement & Balance in Water Polo – download
QA0070 Applying Psychology to Coaching Athletes – download
QA0072 Swimmers with Physical & Sensory Impairments  – download
QA0073 Integrating Disabled Swimmers into Coaching  – download
QA0081 Working with Severely Disabled Young People – download
QA0091 Dryland Diving Assessment – download


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