Frequently asked questions about qualifications

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From differences in qualifications to funding options, we get asked a lot of questions here at ASA Awarding Body. Here are some frequently asked questions for learners, or learner FAQs, about qualifications. If you can’t find what you need go to our Contacts page here and get in touch.

How long do the qualifications last?
All ASA Awarding Body qualifications remain valid with no expiry date. However, if you wish to update your current skills we suggest attending Continuing Professional Development Seminars (CPD’s).

I have an idea for a qualification/CPD which you don’t run, can you create the qualification/cpd?
The short answer is yes, we have a qualification development process that your idea would need to go through to ensure there is demand. For now email with your qualification or CPD idea.

You say you are Ofqual regulated, what does that mean?
Ofqual (the Office of Qualifications Examinations Regulation) are the governments office responsible for maintaining standards and confidence in qualifications in England, being regulated by Ofqual means that we must adhere to their rules and regulations regarding all our qualifications. For more information please visit the Ofqual website.

Do you offer funding?
As an Awarding Body we do not offer funding to undertake our qualifications, the best option is to contact Regional ASA, County ASA, ASA Club or Local Authority. It is suggested that clubs contact their Aquatic Officers to find out more avenues for funding. Please see the ASA regional pages.

What does my qualification allow me to do?
Please see the qualification specifications for this information.

How old do I have to be to attend a Level 1 course?
Learners must be 16 years old at the point of registration.

How old do I have to be to attend a level 2 course?
Learners must be at 16 years old at the point of registration.

I have an overseas qualification, how can I validate this to ASA?
Unfortunately we are unable to offer a comparison. We recommend that those with overseas qualifications apply for Recognised Prior Learning to gain ASA qualifications.

RPL is a method of assessment that considers whether you are able to meet the criteria of a qualification based on your knowledge, understanding or skills which you already possess.

To apply for the RPL process, you will need to contact one of our approved centres who will be able to supply further information – please visit the Approved Centre’s page here.

I took my qualification many years ago and I am now thinking of getting back into teaching. Do I need to update this?
Our qualifications do not expire and therefore if the centre is happy for you to teach with your current qualification this is fine. If you are happy at the level you currently hold then we would recommend attending continual professional development seminars to update your knowledge but this is not mandatory.

What is my qualification equivalent to? E.g. is the ASA teacher qualification from 2006 equivalent to the current Level 2 Teaching Aquatics?
We cannot compare the older qualifications to the current ones as the criteria and also the qualification framework has changed so much over the years. However, the assistant teacher and Level 1 qualifications both allow teachers to assist a Level 2 qualified teacher and the ASA Teacher or Level 2 allows independent delivery of sessions.


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