Frequently asked questions about certificates

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We get asked a lot of questions here at ASA Awarding Body. Here are some frequently asked questions for learners, or learner FAQs, about our certificates. If you can’t find what you need go to our Contacts page here and get in touch.

I have misplaced my certificate, where can I obtain a new one?

The details of the replacement certificate process can be found on the replacement certificate page of our website here.

Can I obtain my certificate number for my insurance/ ASA Membership?

Yes, email provide us with the qualification taken, full name (including any family names or surnames), date of birth, venue, date taken (approx), address (including previous address if changed) so that we can locate your record.

When will I get my certificate?

We aim to issue certificates for Level 1 qualifications within two weeks of receiving the correct paperwork from the approved centre and Level 2 and 3 qualifications within four weeks again from when we have received the correct paperwork.

It’s been more than four weeks since my course finished and I have not received my certificate?

You should contact the approved centre who organised the course you attended as they will be able to update you.

I have received my certificate but my name is spelt incorrectly, what do I need to do to get a new certificate with the correct spelling?

Wherever possible, we are happy to supply replacement certificates for learners or for centres on behalf of learners, please see our replacement certificates page here.


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