Frequently asked questions about finding a course

Frequently Asked Questions about finding a course image

We get asked a lot of questions here at ASA Awarding Body. Here are some frequently asked questions for learners, or learner FAQs, about finding a course. If you can’t find what you need go to our Contacts page here and get in touch.

Do you deliver courses?

No, ASA Awarding Body (ASA AB) Approved Centres deliver courses leading to ASA AB qualifications.

Where can I find a course?

You have two options, you can look at our course calendar or visit our approved centres’ websites which can be found in the Find a Course section here.

How long do the courses last?

The guided learning hours of each qualification are confirmed in the qualification specification – you can view these on the qualifications page here. But you can contact an approved centre for more information.

How much do courses cost?

Approved centres set their own course prices therefore we would recommend you contact them directly.

Can I apply for a level 2 course if I am currently doing my level 1?

Learners must have their Level 1 certificate before they can book onto the relevant Level 2 qualification.  It is recommended that learners gain as much experience as possible in between completing their Level 1 and Level 2.

I have attended a course and want to give feedback.

We welcome all feedback, both positive and negative. All you have to do is email . If you wish to make a complaint please see our complaints page here.


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