Improve accessibility and communication at your centre

The English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) have released a short, six minute video on Inclusive Communications. The video, along with their Inclusive Communications Guides, have been designed to help sport providers improve accessibility and create clearer communications. Wider audiences need to be reached in sport and physical activity including disabled people.

The aim is to help providers make communication as clear as possible for as many different audiences as they can. Approved Centres need to break the barriers experienced by disabled users and reach out to as many people as they can. Improving accessibility and communications should encourage more users to your facilities.

Tips on how to improve accessibility and communication

The Inclusive Communications video gives tips on how providers can improve their communication through simple measures, taking in to consideration:

  • audience type
  • document tone
  • use of clear language
  • colour text and size
  • subtitles (where applicable).

The EFDS hope to spread the word on how to include as many audiences as possible and make communication experiences more positive for disabled users.

The EFDS’s Inclusive Communications video can be found here: EFDS – Inclusive and Accessible Communications

You can view the full news item on Inclusive Communications here: English Federation of Disability Sport site


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